All I Have To Know About Buttercream

It was back to ‘school’ on the first week of March. Enrolled myself in Wilton’s courses 1/2/3 at Michaels where I learnt the basics to buttercream, royal icing, fondant and gum paste. It was no turning back – a recurring time, effort & money spending activity in which I fell into an abyss ever since. A lot of time and effort was spent on conceptualising, baking, icing (hated this step the most), decorating and taking photographs of the end products. Not to mention, I had to get all the necessary tools and materials for the courses. To save the hassle, I’d gotten the Ultimate Decorating set and bought those that were lacking.


In preparation for the first session of course 1, I baked some cupcakes that were used for practice.




The first session was an introduction on buttercream and its essentials – icing consistency, correct bag position and pressure control. As you can see, my first attempt wasn’t great..




On the second session, I had to bake a cake to class to learn the techniques of levelling, torting, filling and icing a cake. Due to the lack of time, I had to ice and practise image transfers with piping gel as homework on the cake. I didn’t really like those images provided in my kit and decided to decorate my cake my way.


Hell yeah, icing the cake worked my triceps so much. I was so frustrated. I can’t seem to smoothen the buttercream and had thoughts of slamming the cake into the bin. After spending hours in front of the turntable, I finally got started on decorating. The end product came with rough edges and pretty fantasy coloured florals/pipings. Well, that was the best I gave on my first attempt.




Learnt more floral pipings the next couple of sessions and our graduation homework was the complete package – from baking a cake to decorating it. I hadn’t grasp the right techniques for some of the florals and took the chance to practise. I also wanted roses on my cake. I watched many videos and experimented with my life’s first rose. I was extremely satisfied after hours of practice.




The cake was made with my husband in mind as he was coming back from a month’s long work trip. I wanted to surprise him with my new skill. THAT, gave me a lot of determination and perseverance to complete the cake.




How’s that for my first floral cake? Honestly, I was impressed.


Xoxo, Steph



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